Fibre Boards

TXON GRP is excited to be testing our latest product line of strand mat fibreboard.  Initial testing of TXON GRP Fibre Boards indicate significant fire retardation and thermal isolation/insulation properties.  TXON GRP Fibre comes in a variety of thicknesses for different uses. Rigid style board and a soft quilted-type Strand Mat are in production now.

Initial tests suggest that TXON GRP Fibreboards can be an excellent alternative product for the rehabilitative construction of multi-use buildings (such as townhomes, apartments, commercial strip malls, etc.). Our fiberboard is tough and also flexible. The mat version is compressed to close cells and allow for attachment using standard fasteners used by other insulation materials. It will not break when bent or dropped. Our strand mat version is soft and pliable and can be wrapped around the area being protected. These boards and mats have sound deadening capabilities as well and can be used to address in areas where traditional methods are hampered by high humidity or in moisture rich environments.

Because our board and mats are non-wicking, moisture and mould concerns are virtually eliminated. It is non-conductive, non-corrosive and hypo-allergenic!

Please check back as we continue to post results of our studies. If you have a specific project or application you are considering, please let us know. TXON GRP may be able to develop a test protocol to prove out the application, and you may get TXON GRP fibre board or Strand Mat for free!!!! Please contact us! We love to be challenged!!