Field Applications & Trials

Field Applications

Concrete Girder Flexural Repair: TXON GRP® Uni-directional fabrics were used to rehabilitate structurally deficient concrete bridge girders. Delaminated/deteriorated concrete was chipped away from girders, corroded rebars were treated, and then the patches were repaired with a mortar. Once the mortar had cured, TXON GRP® fabrics were applied using a method discovered in the laboratory as part of our continued research and development. This bridge rehabilitation was completed for the County of Essex in 2016. Use of the TXON GRP® fabrics and application process resulted in the flexural capacity of the rehabilitated concrete girders to be equivalent to a new concrete girder.

Research and Development Projects

Concrete Beam Rehabilitation/Strengthening: TXON GRP® rebars, and uni-directional fabrics have been used in the lab to replace steel reinforcement in girders, rehabilitate deteriorated concrete beams, and determine optimum rehabilitation processes. Additional testing of varying strength and density of geo-fabrics is currently underway.


Patching and Bridge Deck Repair: This rehabilitated bridge was located at the intersection of Manning Rd and North Talbot Rd. TXON GRP® rebars and fibres were used to patch repair the bridge, and replace deteriorated flexural rebars of the deck. Deteriorated/delaminated concrete was chipped out, and patched using a mortar mix. Corroded steel rebars were removed or treated and TXON GRP® rebars were inserted where necessary. The construction was completed for the County of Essex in 2014. The resulting use of TXON GRP® products and application process has fully rehabilitated the structure.


Wingwall Construction :In order to demonstrate the viability of TXON GRP® rebars four individual wingwalls were constructed, each using TXON GRP®, CFRP, Steel, or Stainless Steel rebars. TXON GRP® rebars are extremely lightweight compared to steel rebars, so the labour and equipment required was reduced significantly. The entire grid for the wingwall using TXON GRP® rebar was constructed by a two-man crew within three hours, which was significantly less than the amount of time required to build the steel and stainless steel rebar grids. The grid was constructed above grade and lowered into position by hand. In addition, the amount of concrete cover required for the wingwall was reduced compared to the other three wingwalls due to its’ non-corrosive characteristics. The project was completed for the County of Essex in 2010. Bi-annual inspections performed since the construction has showed absolutely no signs of deterioration on the wingwall built using TXON GRP® rebars.


Concrete Road Panel Repair: TXON GRP® rebars were used to reinforce a high volume traffic concrete panel along County Road 22 at the intersection of East Pike Creek Road. The deteriorated concrete panel was chipped out and removed. Transition bars were drilled into the existing concrete and tied onto the TXON GRP® rebar grid. The construction was completed for the County of Essex in 2017. No cracks or defects have been found thus far.