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Research & Development

In order for any product to be considered as viable and able to achieve the assertions of performance, it is necessary to prove these claims with real, unbiased, fact-based data. In order to do this, testing must be completed to determine concentration/volume, bond strength, flexural and modulus of rupture, corrosion resistance, compressive and tensile strengths of each product formula and application for which it is intended.

TXON GRP® in conjunction with the University of Windsor, Faculty of Civil Engineering has undertaken comprehensive testing since 2010. This facility has some of the best equipment to test TXON GRP® products in various applications, as well as the largest strong wall in Canada. Testing could not have happened without the active participation of the Federal and Provincial governments. NSERC, NRC, and OCE have been key partners supporting these testing initiatives. In 2015, we were the recipients of a “Dragon Den” style competition whereby OCE awarded us the matched supporting funding to allow large scale testing to continue.

TXON GRP® chose to engage the University of Windsor over outside testing groups to provide students an opportunity to work on innovative real life applications. To this end, we have had a large number of students over these many years who have participated in our research and development.

At TXON GRP® we do not make claims about our products unless we have proven them, in the lab and in the field. We are working hard to demonstrate the value of TXON GRP® BFRP materials.

Our research and development efforts have provided TXON GRP® with the confidence in our products and also the expertise on how and when to apply our product. We have discovered that not all BFRP products react the same, and BFRP products are not suitable for every situation. The success of any project depends on the materials used and how they are applied.

Research and Development Projects

Concrete Beam Rehabilitation/Strengthening: TXON GRP® rebars, and uni-directional fabrics have been used in the lab to replace steel reinforcement in girders, rehabilitate deteriorated concrete beams, and determine optimum rehabilitation processes. Additional testing of varying strength and density of geo-fabrics is currently underway.


Steel Beam Rehabilitation/Strengthening: TXON GRP® fabrics were used to rehabilitate the flexural and shear rehabilitation of corroded steel beams. Through our R&D efforts, we have been able to develop a formula and process using TXON GRP® fabric and other materials to fully rehabilitate both the flexural and shear strength of corroded steel beams.


Fibre Reinforced Concrete: TXON GRP® fibres were used in research and development studies to determine the short-term and long-term effects of adding TXON GRP® fibres to concrete. Properties of TXON GRP® fibre reinforced concrete, such as impact resistance, compressive strength, and resistance to shrinkage cracking were improved compared to plain concrete, and steel fibre reinforced concrete.