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Hydro and Utility Pole Repair

Continued failing infrastructure concerns mount as inventory continues to age, and cost to replace becomes a significant burden to all stake holders. TXON GRP® has a proven solution to address these challenges. Take for example precast hydro and utility poles. In regions where roads salts, freeze thaw cycles and other environmental factors wreak havoc on reinforced concrete structures, TXON GRP® has developed a process to stop further damage in its tracks! Before we even began to address this challenge, we developed a computer model to simulate loading and other factors to determine if indeed our repair plan was even viable. Unlike conventional repairs, TXON GRP® process for repair not only is efficient, it does not encroach on valuable area surrounding the pole (I.e. many poles are located inches from the roadside). Our repair is simple, effective and cost conscious with average repairs from start to finish (3 stages) averaging 1.5 - 3 hours. These repairs returned the poles to their original profile. More challenging repairs can be undertaken; however, each pole requires an assessment to determine best repair method.  

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