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Merrick Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

TXON GRP® Uni-directional fabrics were used to rehabilitate structurally deficient concrete bridge girders for a high capacity load bridge (in excess of 100 000# loads). Delaminated/deteriorated concrete was removed from the girders. Section loss was significant. The exposed rebar was treated to mitigate further corrosion. The beams and diaphragms were then re-profiled using a mortar and TXON GRP® fibre mix to return them to original design specifications.  Once the mortar/fibre mix was sufficiently cured, the TXON GRP® uni-directional fabric was applied using the process developed in the laboratory as part of our continued research and development. This use of TXON GRP® fabrics and the simple application process provided the long-researched results. This repair returned the flexural capacity of these rehabilitated concrete girders and diaphragms to, we would argue, equal or better than the original design intent. This bridge rehabilitation was completed for the County of Essex.

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