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TXON GRP® fabrics are non-conductive and 100% recyclable. The properties of these fabrics make it an excellent candidate to replace CFRP and GFRP in rehabilitation and construction applications.

Some uses of TXON GRP® fabrics are:

  • Concrete girder rehabilitation
  • Steel girder rehabilitation
  • Column strengthening
  • Soil /Base stabilizer
  • Medical Applications
  • Heat Shield/Insulator/Isolator

TXON GRP® fabrics are also non-corrosive, and have a thermal expansion rate equivalent to that of concrete. They are also inert, hypo-allergenic, non-conductive and non-moisture wicking.

The material properties of the fabrics have been tested extensively at the University of Windsor with the results shown in the technical data sheet. Laboratory tests have successfully rehabilitated flexural deficient steel and concrete girders.

In the field, for example – TXON GRP® fabrics were used to rehabilitate the flexural capacity of severely corroded girders on a bridge to the level of an uncorroded girder, thereby saving the Municipality from a more expensive replacement or new build. Learn More.


Technical Data Sheet.pdf